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The Little-Known Environmental Benefits of Legal Marijuana

Medical and recreational marijuana legalization is bringing about changes on how weed is grown and produced. Essentially, decriminalization has allowed growers to use cleaner and efficient technology than in years past.

The legalization also means that organized crime, and in particular, Mexican drug cartels are not growing or producing as much weed in ways that threaten the environment. For instance, cartels usually use generators, diesel storage and animal poison to preserve weed. In other words, legalizing weed is basically enabling much cleaner and environmentally-friendly practices.

Today, many of those who grow marijuana illegally are essentially polluting large areas of forest lands by moving large quantities of chemicals such as pesticides, irrigation and waste tubes as well as other toxic substances. Legalizing marijuana would be a deterrent and an incentive for best practices that would save thousands of acres of vulnerable eco-systems.


As far as legal growers goes, many are adopting better and much efficient lighting like LED lights. In other words, long-term solutions that would allow growers to use the best technology and also lower production costs. In fact, one company whose employees have spent decades studying controlled environments for NASA, are now selling LED supplies to dispensaries across Colorado. It is expected that these LED lights will help growers cut down electricity costs by as much as 50%.

Cutting down on electricity means that fewer carbon emissions would be used to produce marijuana. Essentially, the amount of energy required by power plans that burn coal would be dramatically reduced.


Other aspects that many people may have not considered are the costs and environmental effects of large prisons housing (non-violent) marijuana offenders. Fewer inmates would mean less need for large facilities that require a great deal of maintenance, consume large amounts of electricity and increase vehicle traffic to many small, rural communities.

Another great benefit of legalizing marijuana for the protection of the environment are the reduction and use of harsh chemicals on confiscated land that has been used for marijuana growth. In other words, law enforcement today uses removal chemicals that pollute the soil and creates an environmental hazard to surrounding communities. Not to mention the long-term effects that it has on the soil, as it becomes difficult to grow any sort of crops on that same land.

Lastly, one of the most overlooked benefits of growing cannabis plants legally is the production of legal hemp. Many proponents have expressed the large benefits of using hemp for fiber and fuel purposes. Basically, the fuel and fiber derived from the production of hemp would produce carbon neutral energy that wouldn’t contribute to global warming as much as gas or oil do today.

For more information, initiatives and resoruces on the great environmental benefits of legal marijuana, please visit: https://www.change.org/

Be sure to check out this video from High Times magazine on LED technology:

The 4 Best Portable Vaporizers for Under $150

There are some great portable vaporizers out there that will give you a quality vape without having to spend more than $150. In fact, the great thing about setting a budget of this sort is that you can find many different types of devices and a wide variety of features or technology. Here are 4 of the best portable vaporizers for under $150:

DaVinci Vaporizer

Starting at $129.99, this second-generation portable vaporizer offers some of the best and latest technology in the industry. In fact, the DaVinci is one of the most affordable compact, discreet pocket vaporizers. Additionally, the precise temperature control system allows for a high quality vape. You really get what you’re paying for with this feature. The other great thing about the Davinci is that it allows you to vape both herb and wax. Versatility is always a good thing.

DaVinci Portable

DaVinci Portable










Iolite Vaporizer 2.0

The Iolite is another hand-held, 2nd generation, herb portable vaporizer. It features a heat up time of less than 45 seconds and operates on butane. Starting at $119.00, this is one of thest most affordable, hand-held vaporizers in the market.










Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box is not only unique, but a great value. This American-made, herb vaporizer utilizes NiMH rechargeable batteries. It is also easy to carry as it easily fits in your front pocket. Made from hancrafted wood, the Magic Flight Launch box doesn’t contain unpleasant materials like metal and plastic. Starting at $119.00, this unit is also one of the most user-friendly vaporizers in the market.

Magic Flight 2









Sonic Vaporizer

Barely just making the cut at $149.99, the Sonic vaporizer offers both portability and temperature precision. Much like the DaVinci, the Sonic is easy to transport and has a temperature-adjusting feature. One of the best features of this vaporizer is the long battery life. The only downside of this vaporizer is that you’re limited to herb usage.





5 Scrabble Tips To Remember while Vaping

vape spelled in scrabble tiles

If you’re anything like me you’re a big fan of board games. I always have been since I was a little kid. Doesn’t matter what the game is: Monopoly, Risk, Operation, Guess Who, Settlers of Catan, whatever. I’m a competitive freak of nature when it comes to board games; but no game stimulates my appetite for success quite like Scrabble.

Problem is, a lot of times my friends and I like to medicate while we’re playing Scrabble. Now of course, I’m vaping instead of smoking, but as any seasoned connoisseur knows, vaping has a tendency to inhibit the fiery edge of competition. Now everyone should know basic things like “no proper names,” and “all letters must stay on one plane – either horizontal or vertical.” This post is for the regular player who wants to get an edge on their friends or family and still be able to enjoy getting pleasantly vaped up.

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Is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Working?

By now, you’ve probably seen one billion of these ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos. They’re so ubiquitous it’s almost annoying. If you haven’t participated in one of these challenges, you’ve most certainly seen one of your friends, roommates or family members dump a bucket of ice or ice cold water over their heads and challenge friends to do the same.

One of my personal favorites is this one with Kate Upton and MLB Pitcher-Boyfriend Justin Verlander, of the Detroit Tigers.


The Ice Bucket Challenge has been a fun and engaging use of viral marketing to draw awareness and funds to research the incurable disease ALS. But many are skeptical, wondering if participation in this challenge has actually stimulated any thought capital on the topic. What’s interesting is that no one actually challenges people to donate to ALS research, only to continue the meme. Though it’s pretty obvious that the meme has had the desired effect, raising a reported $10 million by August 16, 2014.

But what exactly is ALS? The disease, commonly known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and it affects the nerve cells in the brain, motor cortex and spinal column. Essentially what happens is the neurons in these cells become inactive and as these neurons degenerate the brain loses its ability to initiate and control movement.

ALS Diagram


As the neurons deteriorate, the muscles are no longer nourished, hence “amyotrophic,” in which the “a” means “no” or “negative,” “myo” stands for “muscle,” and “trophic” relates to nourishment. When the muscles are un-nourished, they atrophy and waste away. This affects the “lateral” areas of the spinal cord and the “sclerosis” is another word for scarring or hardening of the spinal cord where the nerves are withering away. The nerves that are affected if you have ALS are nerves responsible for voluntary muscle movement in the arms and legs.


As of this time there is no cure or treatment, however there are methods that physiologists and biologists have identified which have been observed to slow the progression of ALS onset. The most effective pharmaceutical deterrent of ALS is called riluzole, and this drug was recently approved for clinical use by the FDA, while still several others are undergoing clinical trials. We have heard several success stories from people who have used the DaVinci Vaporizer for help administering cannabis for relief of ALS symptoms.


Comparing the DaVinci to the Indica Portable Vape

DaVinci vs Indica Vaporizer

DaVinci vs Indica Vaporizer

There are not a lot of different portable vaporizers that can stack up to the DaVinci but the Indica handheld vape is making its very best effort.  The DaVinci established itself years ago as the best weed vaporizer in its class but ever since the news broke different companies have been trying their hardest to take the #1 spot.  The Indica decided to start with the basics, portability and functionality.  They made sure that their herbal vaporizer was easy to use and operate.  They also decided to add 5 different heat settings so that people were able to vaporize at a variety of different temperatures.  The LED indicator alerts the user to the current status of the vaporizer and makes it easy to know exactly what is going on.  Herbal heating chambers come in a variety of different sizes but the Indica wanted to establish themselves as one of the best by building a chamber with above average capacity.

The first thing you are going notice when you compare the DaVinci to the Indica is that Indica is styled after a Zippo lighter.  This makes the Indica vaporizer very discreet, after a quick first glance no one would be able to tell that the Indica was vaporizer.  After receiving multiple emails asking if the Indica vaporizer was actually that stealthy we decided to take a poll and submit people to a test.  We seated the DaVinci and the Indica next to each other and asked people that had never vaporized before to identify the device sitting in from of them.  Only 15% of the people surveyed guessed (somewhat) correctly by identifying the DaVinci as a device that was intended to be used with marijuana.  Absolutely non of the participants in the study guessed correctly when they were asked to identify the Indica.

After concluded the study and sifting through the facts it was easy to see that both devices are very discreet but that Indica was more so.  The next thing we needed to do was test the vapor production.  We were surprised to find that Indica also generated very thick clouds of vapor, we already knew that the DaVinci could.  The flavor from the Indica was also very clean and similar in many ways to the DaVinci.  It is worth noting that if you are vaping with the Indica in public it is going to look slightly suspicious sipping on an over-sized lighter.  The DaVinci on the other hand is much less conspicuous and very easy to use in presence of other unsuspecting people.  They both have a very similar battery life so there is not a lot to complain about there.  The DaVinci vaporizer however charges slightly fast and in our opinion is easy to load and operate.

Overall we think both the Indica vaporizer and the DaVinci are great portable herbal vaporizer that will get the job done.

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