Is the DaVinci the best portable?

People are going back and forth in the forums about what vaporizer is the greatest portable unit of all time.  Well of course we are a little bias but that doesn’t mean we can’t have an honest discussion about what makes certain vaporizers better than others.  Luckily for all of us there are a ton of different portable vapes to choose from and almost everyone that vapes regularly has collected more than one by now.

While some people have claimed that the Palm 2.0 is the portable vaporizer I think we all know that is pure poppycock.  Sure the Palm might be a handy little vape good for when you are in a pinch but it lacks the power of the DaVinci and does not allow for multiple temperature settings.  While they do come with a lifetime warranty you are more likely to lose the vaporizer than activate the warranty.  It has a faster heat up time than the DaVinci and it comes in more colors but other than that it is far from the best portable vape we have seen over the last several years.

The Vapman has been gaining popularity and making a claim for the best portable butane/torch vaporizer on the market and I can understand why.  It is simple and straight forward to use, works wonderfully and heats up super fast thanks to the powerful torch.  It is also very inexpensive because there are no electronics involved.  The most important thing to remember with the Vapman is not to hold it anywhere near your mouth or face while you are heating the pan.  Some people have actually tried inhaling while the torch is pointed at their face and that is EXTREMELY dangerous.  Please exercise extreme caution when using the Vapman and the butane torch.  In short this is a great vaporizer but cannot be considered the best portable vaporizer.

The only true challenger to the DaVinci on this IMO is the Magic Flight Launch Box.  It is cheap price-wise and very well made.  Handcrafted here in the USA Magic Flight takes great pride in producing only the highest quality vaporizers possible.  Similar to Palm in that you press down on a rechargeable battery to activate the heating element the MFLB heats up in just a few seconds.  I would recommend the MFLB over the Palm any day, there is plastic and looks so much cooler.  The Launch Box also has a ton of accessories that you can purchase such as a plugin power adapter, water bubbler attachment and a tray for vaping concentrates.  I still prefer the precision temperature adjustments of the DaVinci but like I said previously the MFLB is a close second in the race for best portable vaporizer.

The Arizer Solo is one of the portable vaporizers that is most commonly compared against the DaVinci.  It features one of the most powerful batteries of any portable vape and can last on one charge for up to four hours.  While the looks my not be overly impressive the vapor that it produces is second to none.  It is easy to use, has an LED temperature control system and comes in Black or Silver.  The best part about the Arizer Solo is the glass draw stem, there are not plastic parts in between the heating chamber and the user.  It is a bit larger than the DaVinci and does not fit as easily in your pants pocket.  It is better suited for jacket pocket or backpack.

Portable DaVinci Vaporizer

Portable DaVinci Vaporizer


Portable vapes that pack a punch

While everyone has heard about the DaVinci vaporizer by now not everyone knows about some of the other similar portable weed vaporizers available.  Here are some of my favorite other vapes for herb.

Arizer Solo - This hefty portable is known for being sturdy and reliable.  It has probably the best battery life of any vaporizer similarly priced and the new version allows you to vape while it is charging although it is not recommended.  Another great thing about the Arizer Solo is that comes with a lifetime warranty, that is something that most portable vaporizers do not offer.  This is probably my second favorite portable vaporizer next to the DaVinci and the one I usually use when my DaVinci is out of batteries.

Puffit X - While this vaporizer is not nearly as powerful as the DaVinci vaporizer it does have a size and stealth advantage.  It was designed to look like an inhaler and you can that they succeeded in that regard.  It is also the first forced-air portable vaporizer that has been manufactured so far.  It comes with a whole load of accessories as well that include the following: carrying case, three mouthpieces, four replacement screens, one weed funnel, a packing tool, stir tool, vape stand, vaporizer enhancer, silicone heat shield, wall charger and USB adapter.

Magic Flight Launch Box – The MFLB aka Magic Flight Launch Box is probably the most popular portable vaporizer with the biggest fan base as well.  People go crazy for this little wooden box designed to vaporizer your weed.  If you get the concentrate tray you can also vape waxes and oils which makes even more special.  It comes in a wide variety of different types of woods and there is also a ton of different engraving you can get on the cover making almost every MFLB unique.

Vapir NO2 - An old but a goodie, the Vapir NO2 has been around for a number of years but that only speaks to the quality of the vape itself.  It features a pure brass heating element and has an internal rechargeable battery.  It has virtually noiseless operation and is actually pretty stealthy despite its size because of its unusual shape.  The automatic shut off feature will ensure you don’t waste any battery power while the digital temperature control system makes it easy to vape at your favorite temp.  The Vapir NO2 is also one of the portable vaporizers for weed that comes with a free car charger.

Elevape - The newest vaporizer on the list and also the most expensive is called the Elevape.  The is really cool portable that has an instant heat up time and automatically activates when you being to take a draw.  It is the first vaporizer that is capable of doing that.  It also features a large herb chamber, is made in the USA and comes with a lifetimes warranty.  This is all possible because the Elevape is also the most expensive vaporizer on the list and costs around $325.00 depending on where you get it.

Each vaporizer has it’s own time and place but the only one that can fill every need is the DaVinci.  Whether you are vaping in your living room, at the beach or under the Space Needle in sunny Seattle the DaVinci vaporizer is the portable weed vape for you.

The Best Portable Weed Vape

Best in Class

Best in Class Vaporizers

There are a lot of vaporizers out there competing for the title of “Best Portable Vaporizer” and today we will take a look at a few of them so we can decide once and for all which vaporizer deserves the title.

The Pax vaporizer has been getting a lot of attention lately but most experts will tell you that it cannot keep pace with the DaVinci.  The battery life is not as long and the preset heat settings are unimpressive to most.  The chamber clogs easily and the mouthpiece is prone to breaking.  The physical appearance of the Pax is by far its best asset but when it comes down to pure vapor production it falls short of the crown.

The Firefly is another vaporizer that is has wowed vaporists from coast to coast.  Unfortunately once again I think people are falling the shiny pretty things and forgetting to actually report on how it is functioning.  While overall I did enjoy my experience with the Firefly vaporizer it was a bit bulky and heavy to carry around in your pocket all day.  I would recommend the Firefly as a coffee table vaporizer, something to keep next to your armchair.  But if you need a vape you can take with you anywhere and not be burdened I would recommend the DaVinci.

The Pinnacle Pro vaporizer is probably my second favorite portable weed vaporizer next to the DaVinci.  If I was going to give the Pinnacle the edge it would have to be the Hydrotube attachment, although there are some hacks for attaching the DaVinci to a water pipe the Pinnacle Pro + Hydrotube is a much better experience.  If you remove the Hydrotube from the equation I still think that the DaVinci is better.  The Pinnacle Pro can get pretty hot to the touch after a long session.

The new Ascent vaporizer is another great option for those of you that want an alternative to the DaVinci.  It looks great and vapes just as well but you probably already know that because it is manufactured by Karma/DaVinci as well.  The all glass air path is really nice and the unit is capable of vaping continuously for hours end.  While I still hold a special place in my hear for the original DaVinci vaporizer the Ascent may take its place in the coming years.

One of the new kids on the block looking to take over the top spot for “Portable Vaporizer 2014″ is the Indica vaporizer.  At first glance you will think you are looking at a giant Zippo lighter but after taking a closer look you will realize that you are looking at one of the most powerful portable vaporizers on the market.  The LED indicator and five different heat settings really take this weed vaporizer to the next level.  It also comes with a ton of free goodies like a real wood case, mini spaces, extra chamber door and cleaning kit just to name a few.  I like the discreetness of the Indica vaporizer although like other online reviews have mention it does look a bit funny to suck on a giant lighter in public.

Overall in the end I think we can all agree, while other vapes may come close no portable vaporizer anywhere on the plant can beat the DaVinci vaporizer.

Buy DaVinci Vaporizer Accessories


DaVinci Vaporizer Accessories

DaVinci Vaporizer Accessories

Since the DaVinci portable weed vaporizer has achieved such widespread success there has been a growing demand for accessories and replacement parts, if you need to purchase any of them you can find them here.

The most common accessory that people purchase is the DaVinci Wall Charger, it comes standard with the vaporizer but it is easy to lose.  It retails for 16.99 and will charge your handheld herbal vape in about 3-4 hours.

If you are just getting started in the world of cannabis concentrates I would recommend starting out with some DaVinci Pre-filled Oil Cans.  You will get an assortment of flavors such as Relax, Energy, Calm and Breathe.

One of the most common parts of the DaVinci that will need to be replaced is the DaVinci Upper Chamber Cap.  With regular cleaning it should last you a long time but it has been known to fail.  Luckily they only cost $5.95 and are very easy to replace.

The DaVinci vaporizer Car Charger is a very handy piece of equipment.  It fits into any standard cigarette lighter and will have you charged up and ready to go no matter where you are headed.  The DaVinci Car Charger costs $19.95 and is highly recommend by everyone here at

At first I thought this looked like kind of a gimmick but once I gave it a try I was more than impressed.  The DaVinci Flex-Straw Long is 20 centimeters and makes the portable vaporizer even more versatile.  It is great for when you are vaping with a few friends or just want to sit back on the couch and sip on some vapor.

If you need to replace your straw but don’t want the Flex-Straw DaVinci also offers the standard Short DaVinci Flexi-Straw.  It retails for $14.95 and could not simpler to install.  All you have to do is twist it into the threaded portal and you are ready to start vaping.

DaVinci Oil Cans are pretty easy to lose but there is no need to worry because you can buy replacements anytime.  For $9.95 you will get two brand new Oil Cans to use however you see fit.  If you clean them regularly they should last a long time, the most common problem is losing them or dropping them and then stepping on them.

The number one selling replacement part is an obvious one, the DaVinci Screen Pack.  The screen pack costs $6.95 and comes with 3 large screens and 6 small screens.  These were designed exclusively for use with the DaVinci handheld vaporizer.

A must have accessory for any serious vaporist is the DaVinci Cleaning Brush.  When you first purchased the DaVinci vaporizer you will get a brush included with the purchase but it is a very easy part to lose.  If you do need to grab another one they cost $6.95 and are worth every penny.  Cleaning your vaporizer is important if you want it to last a long time and deliver the maximum thickness of vapor.

The DaVinci Accessory pack is your all-in-one DaVinci Swiss army knife.  It comes with a cleaning brush, short flexi-straw, two oil cans, 3 large screens and 6 small screens.  The Accessory Pack costs you $35.95 and will keep you vaping for a long time, I recommend grabbing one right out of the gate when you first purchased your DaVinci vaporizer.  That way if something breaks you wont have to worry about not being able to vape.