Comparing the DaVinci to the Indica Portable Vape

DaVinci vs Indica Vaporizer

DaVinci vs Indica Vaporizer

There are not a lot of different portable vaporizers that can stack up to the DaVinci but the Indica handheld vape is making its very best effort.  The DaVinci established itself years ago as the best weed vaporizer in its class but ever since the news broke different companies have been trying their hardest to take the #1 spot.  The Indica decided to start with the basics, portability and functionality.  They made sure that their herbal vaporizer was easy to use and operate.  They also decided to add 5 different heat settings so that people were able to vaporize at a variety of different temperatures.  The LED indicator alerts the user to the current status of the vaporizer and makes it easy to know exactly what is going on.  Herbal heating chambers come in a variety of different sizes but the Indica wanted to establish themselves as one of the best by building a chamber with above average capacity.

The first thing you are going notice when you compare the DaVinci to the Indica is that Indica is styled after a Zippo lighter.  This makes the Indica vaporizer very discreet, after a quick first glance no one would be able to tell that the Indica was vaporizer.  After receiving multiple emails asking if the Indica vaporizer was actually that stealthy we decided to take a poll and submit people to a test.  We seated the DaVinci and the Indica next to each other and asked people that had never vaporized before to identify the device sitting in from of them.  Only 15% of the people surveyed guessed (somewhat) correctly by identifying the DaVinci as a device that was intended to be used with marijuana.  Absolutely non of the participants in the study guessed correctly when they were asked to identify the Indica.

After concluded the study and sifting through the facts it was easy to see that both devices are very discreet but that Indica was more so.  The next thing we needed to do was test the vapor production.  We were surprised to find that Indica also generated very thick clouds of vapor, we already knew that the DaVinci could.  The flavor from the Indica was also very clean and similar in many ways to the DaVinci.  It is worth noting that if you are vaping with the Indica in public it is going to look slightly suspicious sipping on an over-sized lighter.  The DaVinci on the other hand is much less conspicuous and very easy to use in presence of other unsuspecting people.  They both have a very similar battery life so there is not a lot to complain about there.  The DaVinci vaporizer however charges slightly fast and in our opinion is easy to load and operate.

Overall we think both the Indica vaporizer and the DaVinci are great portable herbal vaporizer that will get the job.

Herbal vaporizers that pack a punch

DaVinci Herbal Vaporizers

DaVinci Herbal Vaporizers

By now pretty much everyone agrees that the DaVinci portable vaporizer for weed is hands down the best but it is not the only vaporizer that has been impressing this year.  The Ascent vaporizer has also made a strong impression on people this year with it’s stunning looks and powerful heating chamber.  The Arizer Solo continues to fly off the shelf and the Pinnacle Pro is more popular than ever.  The Pinnacle Pro is probably the first vaporizer I turn to when I am looking from an alternative to the DaVinci.  It comes loaded with multiple heat settings, has a new and improved heating chamber and is very small and compact.  The high quality lithium ion battery will keep you vaping long into the night and the fast heat up time means that you won’t have to wait.  A little known feature that really separates the Pinnacle Pro is the automatic shut-off feature, it extends the life of your vaporizer exponentially.

The Indica vaporizer has also been making a splash as of late.  It is beautiful hand crafted herbal vaporizer that excels at being both portable and discreet.  Indica went out of their way to design a vaporizer that had a large heating chamber and delivers great flavor.  The increased capacity means that you and your friends will have more than enough to share.  Some vaporizers these days try to cut corners just to turn a larger profit but the Indica vaporizer was made with the end-user in mind.  The lovely wooden storage case helps keep your vaporizer safe and the cleaning kit will help keep your vaporizer sparkling clean and in tip top shape.

If you are not in the market for a portable herbal vaporizer I would recommend taking a look at the stationary vaporizer called the Da Buddha.  It is made by the same people that make the Silver Sufer and Life Saber vaporizer.  The durable construction and fast heating time have garnered praise from vaporizer reviews all around the country.  It comes with a traveling storage case, three feet of vinyl tubing, one glass mouthpiece, one Silver Surfer stirring stick, a replacement screen, thorough instruction manual and the aforementioned padded travel bag.  The Da Buddha is a great option for people that need a powerful vaporizer in their home that does not need to portable.  It was only designed for use with herbs but we have seen people use it with cannabis concentrates as well.

What you need to know about this portable vape

DaVinci Vaporizer

DaVinci Vaporizer

Most people that have been vaporizing for more than a year have probably heard about the DaVinci vaporizer by now. The problem is that everyday more and more people are making the switch to vaporization but have a good understanding of what makes a good vaporizer. It is important to do a lot of research and make sure that you are choosing the right vape.  Some vaporizers are good for staying at home, others like the DaVinci are made to be portable.  The first vaporizer I ever purchased was the Silver Surfer, it is definitely one of the best vapes you can get but it is a pain to take with you out of the house.  Back then I had no idea that there were so many different types of vaporizers available.

The DaVinci made by Karma Classic has just released the updated 2.0 model of the DaVinci so if you are shopping around make sure to check that you are getting the newest possible version.  The DaVinci is very portable, some people do not know that you can detach the mouthpiece to help become even more stealthy.  There is very little learning curve involved with this portable vape and most people are able to operate effortlessly after just a few sessions.  The digital temperature display makes it easy to adjust the vaporizer and vape at your preferred temp.  The high quality lithium ion battery will make sure that no matter where you are or what you are doing the vaporizer will be ready to go.

We talked to one person you may have heard of who had this to say:

The DaVinci is the only vaporizer I take with me when I go on the road.  Since I am constantly traveling around the world I need a vape for weed that is reliable, small and holds a good charge.  Since I got my DaVinci my surfing has really improved and I have DaVinci to thank – Gabriel Medina

You should also know that the DaVinci comes with a few accessories, you will get a battery charger that is well made and very efficient, it usually takes about 3-4 to replenish the DaVinci’s battery.  You will get a handy cleaning tool that is great for keeping your portable vape sparkling clean and ready to use.  The more often you clean your vaporizer the longer it is going to last.  People that get lazy and neglect their vape won’t have it for very long.  The DaVinci comes with a two oil cans that are primarily used with cannabis concentrates.  Karma Classic is also very generous with their vaporizer screens and provides every with 8 replacements right out of the gate.  Last but not least you will receive an instruction manual, it very detailed but still easy to read.  The DaVinci instruction manual will provide you with everything you need to know about the portable vape for weed.

Weed vapes are all the new rage

DaVinci Vaporizer

DaVinci Vaporizer

While it might be surprising to some that are “not in the know” everyone here at DaVinci-Vaporizer has been hip to weed vapes for a long time now.  One of the main reasons that vaporizers for weed are becoming so popular is because it allow medical marijuana patients to medicate discreetly when and where they need to.  It is very important for people to have the capability to vaporizer their herbs in stealthy manner that does not disrupt their daily routine.  Thanks to portable herbal vaporizers like the DaVinci this has now become a reality and people have been rejoicing ever since.  The battery life on the DaVinci has also extended the range with which people are able to vape.  You can drive for hours and be hundreds of miles away from your home still vaping comfortably with no need for concern.

Another reason that vaporizers are becoming so popular is because they are starting to look less like marijuana paraphernalia and more like fashion accessories.  Vaporizer like the DaVinci Ascent have really raised the bar and changed what vaporizers can be perceived as.  The Pax is another vaporizer that looks amazing although it must be noted that the vapor production is no where near as good the DaVinci.  I also like the new Indica vaporizer, it is slightly smaller than the DaVinci and has similar vapor production, it also very discreet because it looks like a slightly larger Zippo lighter.  I would also recommend checking out the Pinnacle Pro if you have not seen it yet, the Hydrotube is simply amazing and is a real game changer.

If you don’t need a portable vaporizer and want something more suited for daily use inside of your home then you should take a long look at the Silver Surfer vaporizer.  It is a desktop/stationary vaporizer that was designed to be used with loose leaf plant material like marijuana.  It boasts a superior ceramic heating element and one of a kind reverse 90 degree angle design.  Portable units are a lot of fun and very convenient but none of them can come close in terms of vapor production to the Silver Surfer vaporizer.  The SSV retails for $269.99 and in my opinion is worth ever cent.  You also get a splendid carrying case, hand crafted glass marble stirring tool, three exquisite replacement screens, ground glass wand, three feet of vapor tubing that is also called a whip, sterile glass mouthpiece and the instruction manual.  If you want to read more about the Silver Surfer vaporizer I would recommend reading both of these reviews – SSV review 1 and SSV review 2.

Is the DaVinci the best portable?

People are going back and forth in the forums about what vaporizer is the greatest portable unit of all time.  Well of course we are a little bias but that doesn’t mean we can’t have an honest discussion about what makes certain vaporizers better than others.  Luckily for all of us there are a ton of different portable vapes to choose from and almost everyone that vapes regularly has collected more than one by now.

While some people have claimed that the Palm 2.0 is the portable vaporizer I think we all know that is pure poppycock.  Sure the Palm might be a handy little vape good for when you are in a pinch but it lacks the power of the DaVinci and does not allow for multiple temperature settings.  While they do come with a lifetime warranty you are more likely to lose the vaporizer than activate the warranty.  It has a faster heat up time than the DaVinci and it comes in more colors but other than that it is far from the best portable vape we have seen over the last several years.

The Vapman has been gaining popularity and making a claim for the best portable butane/torch vaporizer on the market and I can understand why.  It is simple and straight forward to use, works wonderfully and heats up super fast thanks to the powerful torch.  It is also very inexpensive because there are no electronics involved.  The most important thing to remember with the Vapman is not to hold it anywhere near your mouth or face while you are heating the pan.  Some people have actually tried inhaling while the torch is pointed at their face and that is EXTREMELY dangerous.  Please exercise extreme caution when using the Vapman and the butane torch.  In short this is a great vaporizer but cannot be considered the best portable vaporizer.

The only true challenger to the DaVinci on this IMO is the Magic Flight Launch Box.  It is cheap price-wise and very well made.  Handcrafted here in the USA Magic Flight takes great pride in producing only the highest quality vaporizers possible.  Similar to Palm in that you press down on a rechargeable battery to activate the heating element the MFLB heats up in just a few seconds.  I would recommend the MFLB over the Palm any day, there is plastic and looks so much cooler.  The Launch Box also has a ton of accessories that you can purchase such as a plugin power adapter, water bubbler attachment and a tray for vaping concentrates.  I still prefer the precision temperature adjustments of the DaVinci but like I said previously the MFLB is a close second in the race for best portable vaporizer.

The Arizer Solo is one of the portable vaporizers that is most commonly compared against the DaVinci.  It features one of the most powerful batteries of any portable vape and can last on one charge for up to four hours.  While the looks my not be overly impressive the vapor that it produces is second to none.  It is easy to use, has an LED temperature control system and comes in Black or Silver.  The best part about the Arizer Solo is the glass draw stem, there are not plastic parts in between the heating chamber and the user.  It is a bit larger than the DaVinci and does not fit as easily in your pants pocket.  It is better suited for jacket pocket or backpack.

Portable DaVinci Vaporizer

Portable DaVinci Vaporizer